Parkway Opens at Craggy Gardens May 15th

May 13, 2009

Parkway Opens One-Lane Traffic on May 15, 2009, Through Craggy Gardens Area

Blue Ridge Parkway officials are pleased to announce the opening of the Craggy Gardens Area to alternating one-lane traffic beginning on May 15, 2009. The Parkway detour between US 70 at Milepost 382.5 and NC Route 226 at Milepost 330.9/Gillespie Gap will be discontinued. However, retaining wall reconstruction will continue until the estimated completion in mid-June when this section of Parkway will be fully opened for two-lane visitor traffic.

During daylight working hours, prior to mid-June, visitors should expect one-lane traffic, to include traffic control by flagmen or traffic light, in the area of the retaining wall reconstruction south of the Craggy Gardens Visitor Center. A timed traffic light system will be in operation for night-time travelers passing through the one-lane closure.

Craggy Gardens Visitor Center is scheduled to open May 15th for the remainder of the 2009 visitor season. Visitor center parking may be limited to one parking lot area until mid-June and at various times during Parkway road reconstruction. All visitors, in particular motorcyclists and bicyclists, should travel through the area with extreme caution because of loose gravel and rough pavement conditions existing along the entire route. In addition, re-paving operations will commence on the Parkway between Asheville and Craggy Gardens and continue through the 2009 visitor season. Parkway officials caution visitors traveling though this area to pay close attention to traffic control by flagmen as slight travel delays may occur in the re-paving zones.