PLI donates to Saint Nick

December 17, 2012

Throughout the year PLI participates in fundraising activities raising money for Eblen Charities. In 2011, PLI raised $3,250 for the Eblen Foundation.  In 2012, PLI managed to raise over $4,500 for the 2012 Eblen Foundation Saint Nickolas Project, an increase by more than $1,250 from the year before. The Saint Nickolas Project provides Christmas gifts, clothes, food, and other items to the children and families Eblen Charities work with throughout the year.

PLI sponsored seven families and 23 children for the project. PLI employees take the initiative to have bake sales, conduct raffles, prepare chili cook offs, and even had a Halloween themed fundraiser where employees were held “captive” and other employees had to pay their bounty to get them released.

Giving back to the local community is not only rewarding for the charity recipients but builds camaraderie, teamwork and character within PLI.