Public comments welcomed on WalkBikeNC draft plan through April

March 21, 2013

The DRAFT North Carolina Statewide Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan (WalkBikeNC Plan) has been released for public input. Public input is very important. Please go to to access links to the Draft Plan products. 

Imagine a community where kids can walk or bike safely to school; where a family can take an evening stroll; where an individual can make a quick trip to the grocery store without getting in the car. Efforts are being made create a blueprint for improving walking and bicycling for North Carolina communities.

Investing in sidewalks, bike lanes and greenways add many benefits to a community at relatively low cost:

* Promote physical, mental and social well-being by providing outdoor places to relax, exercise and socialize.

* Provide easy walking or bicycling connections between neighborhoods, schools, parks and trails.

* Increase property values, promote tourism and foster local businesses by encouraging foot traffic.

* Improve overall quality of life.

Other benefits include reduced traffic congestion, fewer vehicle crashes and improved air quality. State agencies also benefit from less wear on roads, which leads to lower costs and more efficient use of our transportation network.

What kind of walking or bicycling opportunities would you like to see in your area? How can we best provide the facilities to benefit the health, safety and well-being of your family and community? With your help, we can work to meet the needs of communities to allow people the freedom to safely walk or bicycle to work, school or just for fun.

The public is invited to review the plan online and submit comments until April 30. To submit comments: