Public Policy Update: Crossover Week at the NC General Assembly

May 14, 2013

The usual hustle and bustle of the General Assembly is supercharged with the arrival of crossover week. This imposed deadline requires legislation to clear the House or Senate by Thursday, May 16 to remain eligible for consideration for the remainder of session. As a result, bills are moving at a rapid pace to get them through their respective side of the NCGA.

The Asheville Chamber will be on the ground keeping watch over the flurry of bills making their way through the system. Please do not hesitate to contact Jeff Joyce with any issues or concerns at You can also follow along live with the issues via the Chamber’s Twitter account @avlbizvoice.
Some interesting bills of note from the day (5/14/13):
Repeal Literacy Test (HB311): This bill would repeal the literacy test component of the voting requirement, which is attributed to antiquated Jim Crow laws.
Study of Spirituous Liquor Sales (HB842): This bill was originally not a study bill and would have allowed small distilleries the ability to sale their product on location. However, it was changed into a study bill to study the impacts of the legislation.
Electronic Campaign Reporting (HB919): This bill would take the NCGA paperless for the aspect of campaign finance reporting. The Asheville Chamber is all for paperless!
There is much more to come! The Chamber will work to keep you posted.