Public Policy Update: Governor signs legislation on vocational education and unemployment insurance

February 19, 2013

Public Policy Manager Jeff Joyce reports in from Raleigh:
Good afternoon to all of my mountain friends. It has been a busy day with my morning beginning with over an inch of snow in Fairview. However, the voice of Asheville business  could not be deterred from getting to Raleigh and the North Carolina Chamber’s Governmental Affairs Conference. 

It is great to see other local chamber’s (85) gathered together to talk about the state of business in NC. Everyone is still abuzz about all the recent activity of Governor McCrory. The Governor signed his first piece of legislation yesterday (SB 14). This bill will work with high school diplomas to put a new emphasis on vocational education. The Governor’s day continued on Monday as he spoke to the General Assembly presenting his state of the state address. In his speech, McCrory promised to make NC more business friendly and customer service orientated.

The Governor continued his busy week on Tuesday morning with the signing of his second piece of legislation (HB 4), which deals with unemployment insurance. The Governor will join the NC Chamber conference later this afternoon, and I am excited to hear what he has to say.

The House and Senate are scheduled to go into session at 2 pm today. The Senate is scheduled to hear SB 4 for concurrence in the afternoon session. If the Senate votes for the concurrence then NC is one step closer to the final passing of blocking Medicaid expansion. The Chamber will make sure to keep you in the loop.

Please continue to make us aware of your concerns.

Go Heels!