Race like a kid to sponsor a kid!

April 13, 2009

SoQua District Corporate Pinewood Derby

The SoQua District part of the local Daniel Boone Council of the Boy Scouts is hosting its first event Corporate Pinewood Derby competition. I am sure many of us remember the Pinewood Derby from scouts, you get a rectangle chunk of wood, a few wheels and several hours locked in the basement with Dad and wallah you have a race car!

The Corporate Pinewood Derby is your chance to relive the whole thing again! Your involvement in the Corporate Pinewood Derby will help support more than 1,500 youth in the SoQua District (Buncombe Country) to “Do Their Best”.

Participating in the derby will provide resources that will help the Boy Scouts continue to shape the future of our youth with principles of honor, respect, and self-reliance that will last a lifetime. It costs the Daniel Boone Council approximately $125 per year to support each Scout in the program, so by sponsoring a car in this race, you can help shape a Scout into a future leader!

Download the PDF brochure here!