Sisters of Mercy Urgent Care Collaborates with Park Ridge Hospital

February 19, 2009

Looks like Sisters of Mercy is going to take over the Urgent Care center on Airport Road from Park Ridge Hospitals. Sisters of Mercy already has three treatment facilities in the area including a brand new facility on Patton Avenue in West Asheville.

Tim Johnston, CEO of Sisters of Mercy Services Corporation, is pleased to announce the operation of a new Sisters of Mercy Urgent Care at 77 Airport Road beginning April 1. Currently operated by Park Ridge Hospital as an Urgent Care facility, the Airport Road site offers patients, business, and industry convenience and access to quality treatment of minor illness and injuries. Sisters of Mercy Urgent Care’s existing network includes facilities at 1201 Patton Avenue, 1812 Hendersonville Road, and 155 Weaver Boulevard. Serving WNC since 1900, SOMSC also includes ARP/Phoenix, Mountain Health Contracting, and the Catherine McAuley MERCY Foundation.