Small Business of the Month: Appalachian Mountain Adventures Asheville

September 7, 2017

The first thing you might notice about small business owner Nicholas Wardwell is his heartfelt courteousness. With a genuine smile and “yes, ma’am” or “yes, sir” Nicholas connects with others in the business community, and its easy to see his dedication to serving his guests in through his professional transportation business Appalachian Mountain Adventures Asheville. We are pleased to honor Appalachian Mountain Adventures Asheville as Small Business of the Month.
“Appalachian Mountain Adventures Asheville was born from a love of a place I call home and a desire to be able to share and connect people to the amazing sights, attractions and activities of Western North Carolina,” Wardwell said.
AMAA provides transportation service for planned package deals or customized trips around Western North Carolina. Guests enjoy a seamless experience with adventures that allow them to focus on their destination – enjoy the adventure and live their journey.  

That commitment to respect, adventure and experience is central to Wardwell’s business mindset.

I am proud of the ability to positively impact other’s lives,” Wardwell said. “From starting from an idea, all the way to operations, everything was built on family, relationships and community.”

Like any young business, money is tight so Wardwell says his most valuable asset has been time – time volunteering, time helping others, time networking and building relationships, and time creating an exceptionally unique experience for guests. 

“I enjoy the incredible community that is Asheville. Everyone has an opportunity to make Asheville special.”

Coming fall 2017, AMAA plans to offer daily excursions and expeditions. Excursions will be offered with individual rates and convenient pick up locations throughout Asheville.