Strategies to build more networks and achieve success

June 30, 2017

There has never been a better time for women to succeed. Everything in our society is pointing for women to get involved, take charge and reach a new level of leadership.

During the June 29th WomanUP event, speaker Meridith Elliott Powell talked about the opportunities for women to succeed and strategies to get there.

Studies show that companies that engage women in variety of roles and leadership outperform their competitors in many ways – innovation, client loyalty, profitability and more.

As Meridith shared, women-owned businesses employ more than 19 million people and are growing at 2x the national average.

There is great opportunity for women and great need for the talents women bring to the table, Meridith said, challenging women professionals to reach for success – however they define it for themselves.

“For every obstacle you face, instead think, ‘Where’s the opportunity?'”

Meridith went on to share these tips and strategies:

  • Focus on your strengths to propel yourself forward.
  • Build your network.
  • Approach building connections by focusing on the other person. Adapt your energy and style to match their’s. Are they high-energy? More reserved? Task or people oriented? “You don’t have to get it right. You just need to focus on other people. When you do your energy shifts. You will be more relaxed and so will the other person.”
  • Set yourself a goal before networking events such as talking with two people.
  • Lead the conversation with open-ended questions.
  • “Building your network is not a task. It is a lifestyle.” Make it part of your everyday actions and make connections long before or even if ever you need something from them.

Meridith concluded the program saying, “If each and everyone of us is vested in the success of others, we will lift the entire community, country and world up.”