The Asheville Storefront launches new eCommerce website for local entrepreneurs and creatives

July 2, 2013

Asheville is known for its creative community of entrepreneurs, artists and craftspeople. Visitors come from all around to shop and experience the area. There is also a strong Buy Local community which is committed to supporting local merchants. was created to provide a one stop, online shopping experience for local products. The website will have a variety of offerings. “The idea is to have a full range of products such as green cleaning supplies and gourmet food  items, as well as things you would find in a local gallery such as jewelry, art work and decorative items – all with our local flavor”;  says owner Cindy McGrayne. 

The Storefront is currently working with merchants to set up their products on the website. “We offer the opportunity for merchants to set up an ‘About’ page to describe their business, introduce themselves to customers, and describe what makes their product special.”

For more information, contact Cindy McGrayne at or call (828) 301-1449.