The Y and Pfizer launch 50 Moving Forward

March 26, 2013

Forget “50 is the new 40” or even “the new 30.” Age 50 is about moving forward. That’s why the YMCA and Pfizer Inc launched 50 MOVING FORWARD, a healthy living plan designed to motivate adults 50 years and older with fresh ideas around behaviors that experts say are crucial to healthy aging: physical activity; preventive measures like screenings and vaccinations; healthy eating; and social interaction.

Those who want practical information, tips and activities that will help them build a healthier future can enroll for free starting today through May 18th in person at any YMCA location or online at

“Adults 50 years and older are the fastest growing age group at the Y, so it’s important that we offer resources geared toward this population. 50 MOVING FORWARD does exactly that in an environment that allows adults to focus on health, fitness, preventive measures and fun,” says Dianne Saccone, Y spokesperson for 50 Moving Forward. “50 MOVING FORWARD offers interesting and motivating activities that enhance the physical, mental and social well-being of adults 50 and older.”

50 MOVING FORWARD: A Wide-Ranging Approach for a Growing, Aging Population

Adults 50 years and older currently make up more than 30 percent of the US population, and by 2015, they are expected to represent 45 percent of Americans. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that adults 50 and older have a 70 percent chance of developing at least one chronic disease. That’s why the Y, one of the nation’s leading nonprofits dedicated to improving the nation’s health, teamed up with Pfizer, with its health care expertise, to develop 50 MOVING FORWARD. Together, they are working with older adults to help them address their health and well-being.

50 MOVING FORWARD goes beyond the basic tenets of healthy eating and physical activity and highlights the importance of helping prevent health problems before they arise through screenings and vaccinations, and the health benefits of staying socially active and connected. One of the most beneficial things people can do is take steps to prevent illness. Even those who already practice healthy habits should be aware of things that may affect their health because as people age, their immune systems naturally begin to weaken.

While it’s important to eat well and be active, 50 MOVING FORWARDurges individuals to talk with their health care provider about getting regular health screenings and keeping vaccinations current. Every year, hundreds of thousands of American adults are hospitalized from diseases such as influenza, shingles and pneumococcus that could have been prevented by vaccination.

50 MOVING FORWARD is about taking a comprehensive approach to health through healthy eating, being physically active, taking preventive measures and staying socially active,” said Diane Saccone, Y participant, “But what I’m looking forward to is bringing together others like me to create a sense of community so we can tackle these life challenges together.”

50 MOVING FORWARD: Journey to a Healthier Future

Whether those 50 years and older are just getting started or are already practicing healthy habits, 50 MOVING FORWARD will help adults overcome barriers to making healthy lifestyle choices. Participants can enroll:

  • In person at any YMCA location where they can join in wellness events and activity classes designed for adults 50 years and older
  • Online at, where they can opt-in to receive e-mails providing information, tips, patient/health care provider discussion guides and activities that can be incorporated anywhere, anytime

YMCA of Western North Carolina is one of 25 across the country that will offer specially designed

50 MOVING FORWARD weekly wellness events, classes and workshops. Both YMCA members and nonmembers are invited to join 50 MOVING FORWARD [for free]. A full calendar of events is available at 50 MOVING FORWARD events include:

  • Group Exercise Classes
  • Clubs such as softball, hiking, knitting, scrapbooking, gardening
  • April 1st Launch celebration at the Woodfin YMCA from 5 to 7:30 pm

For more information, contact us at:

YMCA of Western North Carolina

828 505 3990