Tips from the Asheville Chamber staff on how to stay productive while working from home

March 30, 2020

When you’re used to an office environment, working from home can be an adjustment. Here at the Asheville Chamber, we’re officially on week 3 of working from home. We decided to share some of our staff’s top tips for how to stay productive when your home is your office, too.

“Working from home is totally different as a parent with a young kid who’s also “home-learning.” I actually like that we don’t have to wake up so early and rush out the door, but that also makes it hard to “get to work.” We’ve created a home learning schedule for our first grader and my husband and I are tag-teaming who he spends the day with based on our respective work load. It’s a slow adjustment.

There’s nothing glamorous about my home office, which is basically a cubby in the wall, but I do get to snuggle with our cat Bug while I work.”

– April Brown, Director of Industry Expansion and Workforce Development

“I generally blast music on my way into work: ska, punk, bluegrass, rock, EDM anything up-tempo. It helps me put my “game-face” on, which as you all know is best described as “affable.” While working from home I need to take a few minutes between getting coffee and settling in at the computer to get in the zone. At home that translates into using  headphones to get my music fix in.”

-Jeff Kaplan, Director of Venture Asheville

“Don’t forget to take breaks and a lunch hour!”

– Leeanne Briggs, Vice President of Member Services, Director of WomanUP

“I’m so tempted to make pajamas my WFH uniform, but I focus better if I get dressed. Sticking with work-day attire helps me shift into work mode even though I’m still at home. I make room for healthy breaks. I keep a yoga mat rolled out on the floor near my WFH area so I can easily do a few push-ups or sit-ups for energy if I’m feeling sluggish.”

– Samantha Cole, Local Government Liaison

“I’ve found that I feel best and am most productive when I work at my kitchen table, desk, or basically anywhere that isn’t my bedroom. It helps me get into the “zone” that I normally get into at work. I do take full advantage of WFH perks like walking my dog over lunch or doing a face mask, which I could never do in the office because it would scare everyone.”

– Stephanie Rogers, Content Specialist