WCU offers event planning and customer service workshops

August 2, 2017

Event Planning Workshop

Western Carolina University’s Office of Professional Growth and Enrichment will be offering one-day workshops this fall towards the Event Planning Certificate Program at its Biltmore Park location.

This program focuses on the many different facets of being an event planner, from managing people and projects to increasing exposure and dollars for organizations.

Workshops are offered each semester and meet on Fridays from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. Participants can earn a certificate by attending six of the designated event planning workshops offered each semester. Participants do not have to enroll in the certificate program, but rather complete the workshops at their own pace. 

This certificate program is taught by instructors with expert, real world event planning experience in project management, contract negotiations, risk management, event marketing, team building, budgeting, coaching, planning, and event logistics.

The cost per workshop is $119 or attendees may receive a ten percent discount by registering for all 6 workshops for $640. Workshop registration includes lunch and continuing education credits. Visit learn.wcu.edu/ep for more information, or contact Jill Thompson at jcthompson@wcu.edu or 828-227-7397.

Customer Service Train-the-Trainer Program

Western Carolina University’s (WCU) Office of Professional Growth and Enrichment will be offering a new Customer Service / Train-the-Trainer Program this fall. The program is designed to help businesses incorporate an in-house training program that will empower managers and supervisors to effectively train staff at different times throughout the year.

The program will be held at WCU at Biltmore Park on four Mondays: October 9, 16, 23, and 30. This program will focus on effective customer service skills, which requires hands-on-training and group activities to help trainees internalize problem solving and communication skills.

The training program will include four full days that focus on developing the content and presentations skills that trainers will need to effectively train staff in their own organizations.

Dr. Susan Fouts, WCU Executive Director of Educational Outreach, will be leading two of the four courses. Dr. Fouts aims to help participants learn the impact of external customer service and how it creates the eternal customer. She provides structural feedback to participants in order to develop their customer service skills and to help increase their levels of interest and learning.

Neela Muñoz brings an extensive theatre background to her work as a facilitator and coach with Ignite CSP. Neela uses her directing experience to help clients show up and make an impact, while staying true to their own style. Participants will improve on their presentation skills and will have a chance to practice in class. They will learn about effective facilitation tools and resources to engage participants and encourage group participation. 

The cost for this program is $429. For more information please visit learn.wcu.edu/pdworkshops or contact Jill Thompson at jcthompson@wcu.eduor call 828-227-3070.