WeaverCooke: Shaping the skyline of Asheville

November 28, 2018

WEAVERCOOKE began as W.H. WEAVER Construction in 1939, building housing for World War II veterans.  In the 79 years since then, the company has expanded throughout the Southeast and completed projects from hotels to retirement communities to student housing and affordable housing projects.

An innovative construction management and general contracting company, WEAVERCOOKE is dedicated to working with clients who value creative thinking and proactive planning.  They opened a full service office in Asheville in 2016 after completing over a dozen projects since 2000.

WEAVERCOOKE has a rich history and strong ties to Western North Carolina including projects like the historic Grove Arcade, the Indigo Hotel, and the Cambria Hotel. They say they are proud to have helped shape the skyline of Asheville.  They consider themselves a part of the fabric of the community, working with strong partners like MHO in the Affordable Housing arena and Givens in senior living.  They also support the Asheville Chapter of AIA, Asheville Downtown Association, and the Asheville Economic Development Coalition as well as many others and say they are proud to be a part of the community and future growth of Asheville.

WEAVERCOOKE’s core values of “integrity, uniqueness, enjoyment, and continuous improvement” provide the platform for them to pursue its mission, which is to re-imagine the way multi-family housing and hospitality projects are planned, designed and constructed using cutting edge technology.

They believe their purpose as a company is to build great things, develop great people, and bring to life the hopes and dreams of others.  This goal helps them attract and retain a dedicated and talented team of professionals.  By deploying that talent efficiently and streamlining their work process, they add value to each and every client and community they serve.