WNC Green Building Council announces release of 2014-15 Green Building Directory

November 18, 2014

WNC Green Building Council (WNCGBC) has just released its 10thedition of the Green Building Directory (http://www.wncgbc.org/directory). This year the directory is a partnership between the WNC Green Building Council and The Smoky Mountain News.  The publication is a primary tool for education, outreach, and expansion of the green building industry in Western North Carolina.  It provides a free, non-biased resource of the latest information on green building to the general public and building professionals.  Look for a copy at one of our distribution locations or see the flipbook versiononline. 
The articles in this publication span the range of very technical fact sheets for professionals to case studies and green building “basics” to help homeowners get started building or renovating a home.  Within these pages are your keys to successful green building projects.
For those of you ready to take that next step and either build a new green home or green your existing home, the business listings will connect you with the many great local companies that are greening WNC each day.

Over the past 13 years, the WNCGBC has made incredible strides in expanding the knowledge about and implementation of green building in our region through certification of over 900 new homes, organizing monthly green open house tours, creating new programs for existing homes and educating the public in many ways.

The council also offers a free hotline for your questions, many online resources, and provides assistance through its many programs.  As a member supported non-profit organization, the WNCGBC has been able to serve the community thanks to our business and individual members’ continued support.